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Mashups were born from taking two or more pre-existing elements to merge or mix them and obtain a new product in order to elaborate a new idea. Marchups is the result of a personal micro demo experimenting with themes such as 2021 feminisms and consumer culture.

Every March, social networks are infested with the theme of women and their rights. This overproduction of content is sponsored by big brands that take advantage of the occasion to sell clothing, flowers, chocolates and cosmetic products. These ideas lead to confusing ideas, full of clichés, often discriminatory, orthodox and fallacious.

Marchups is a parade of photographs and famous quotes that dance in the same space giving rise to new ideas derived from chance that simulate an irresistible hope. The human mind tries in every way to give meaning to what our senses perceive. According to Carolyn M. Bloomer, meaning-making is an automatic process and we are meaning-making machines.

Laura Soria

Laura Soria is a multidisciplinary Mexican artist based in Berlin since 2013.
Her work is based on the creation of micro-narratives that, through random experiments, explore the relationship between bodies, space, time, dimensions and color, addressing themes such as memory, diversity and the feminine.

Photography, painting, sculpture, installation and video are formats in which her work has been presented in institutions, museums and galleries in Germany, the United States, Mexico and England, including Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, Museo Memoria y Tolerancia CDMX and the Institute of German History in London, among others.

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