Goal Setting 101

Updated: Apr 11

Learn popular techniques for setting and reaching your goals.

Two girls doing meditation at home

I recently read a post on Instagram that said: “I started 2020 thinking about everything I wanted and ended up being grateful for everything I had”. I kept thinking about all the goals and expectations that come with the new year, and the inevitable curveballs that keep us from reaching them (We’re looking at you 2020!)

This article explores the question of how we make goals. Could it be that we’re not very good at setting realistic goals or planning concrete steps of action? Is there a way to be more effective in achieving our personal and professional goals?

This 2021 made me think about the need to put my ideas in order, to establish my life plan and try to recognize opportunity when I see it. I started with some research on goal setting. . I discovered a set of more strategic techniques to set goals and develop a better action plan to execute them.

Curious? Here’s the three I found most interesting, that I’m most likely to try in my own life over the course of this year. The acronyms of each are composed by the characteristics that these objectives must have and invite us to reflect deeper on our goals.