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The benefits of Qi Gong

Better sleep and relaxation are some benefits of this ancient practice. Join massage therapist and acupuncturist Fabian Feuersänger in his practice.

If you have no idea what Qi Gong is, picture it as a very relaxed aerobic class. Originally from China, it is a way of connecting movement and breathing for various health benefits.
I started at about 15 years, teaching myself with the help of a book, later I got deeper into it learning from a teacher during my training as an acupuncturist.
The best way to practice it is in a calm, relaxed state, not directly after eating. Benefits include general relaxation, more energy and focus, less muscle tension, and even better sleep is possible.
Outcomes an entrepreneur really needs to be successful! And you don't need a yoga mat ;-)
Quick sessions can easily fit in when your schedule allows it, you can do it anywhere without equipment. Give it a try and follow along!

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